Tips for Guardians to Make YouTube Safer For Kids

There is no doubt that children eagerly love YouTube. They can spend more time finding and watching their most-liked videos like PUBG or else and learning new games or making their own YT (YouTube) channel and upload their videos and share it with friends. Unfortunately, not all videos in YouTube are child-friendly, and some of them can be inappropriate stuff like violence trigger, hate speech, etc.

Some following tips are here to help parents monitor their kids and make their YT journey safer:

  1. Make an account in Google which is operated by the entire family. By doing so, you can see entirely what videos your kids are uploading, watching, even sharing with others. Kids (younger than 13) can’t have an account on YT as per the policy of YouTube.
  2. When you have logged into YT through family Google account, then you should switch it to the restricted mode by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. It will detach you from some, not all, the inappropriate stuff that you don’t want to share with kids. This Safety Mode on also assists you, not to immediately look at the user comments.
  3. Sit along with your kids and monitor the things that they want to watch. Mostly, they like those things that are attached to a channel. If you want to hurl dirty contents into the dustbin, then subscribe only those channels which are having child-friendly videos. By doing so, kids will not be able to face inappropriate contents as they will not require to search the videos.
  4. Disable the YT app on the phone especially iPad/iPod touch because there is no Safety Mode on the YT mobile app. If you are worried about your kids viewing YouTube without Safety mode, then it’s better to disable the YT app.
  5. Even after disabling YT app on your mobile, kids can still watch YouTube videos by using the Safari browser on iPod touch/iPad. So, disable the Safari and install a kidwise safer browser. On these kid-safe browsers, you can enable Safety Mode on and even block YouTube entirely.
  6. Disable the comments also on your videos, if uploaded by your kids from the family Google account. By doing so, it will stop people from making unnecessary comments on your videos. Even videos can be uploaded privately on YT by choosing Private out of Public, Private or Unlisted while uploading a video. Here, Private means that your videos can be viewed by only those people chosen by you in a list.

It is here noted that YouTube for kids was launched for kids below the age of 13 years. In this, there is a robust filtering algorithm to make kids safe and secure. Always remember, nothing is 100% safe in this digital world so manage the propensity of your kids in which direction they are going.

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