Settings to Tweak on your iPhone XS or XS Max

Currently, Apple launched its new iPhone XS and Max; now you can easily call your new iPhone XS the iPhone “excess.” Now, the latest iPhone XS and Max both are button-free iPhones, and it’s a gift from Apple to their users. Also, features include Portrait Mode and that insane, face-tracking front-facing camera. Both iPhones refines the mobiles experience which Apple is created last year’s, i.e., iPhone X. by including the features of Face ID to all-new emoji, this year iPhones are among the best phones on the market.

We are planning to purchase a new iPhone model; then you need to know any things about the latest iPhone models. Here we provide you five most important things that you should know before using iPhone.

1- Make your MeMoji

This latest iPhone XS and iPhone Max will have a front-facing camera that does few interesting things for the users, including letting you unlock your phone with your face, take selfies and also use Memoji.

Memoji is like Animoji, but you are no longer restricted to being a pile of poop or a monkey. Now, by using iPhone XS and iPhone Max you can easily design your own Animoji which completely looks like you, and with the help of the front-facing camera, it moves like you.

2- Download Shortcuts app

Actually Apple’s most important apps don’t come with your phone, instead of it, you need to download it from the App Store.

The Shortcut is the latest app for the iPhone X and iPhone Max which allows you to use a single command to do a series of different things on your phone. For example, a single “Good Morning, Siri” command could fire off a series of events, from scheming your smart home to getting information about your day.

3- Easily Control your Screen Time

New to iOS 12 and eagerly available on your iPhone XS, the Screen Time feature will allow you to search out a better grip on exactly how much time you spend with your phone. This new tool will also allow you to see where you are spending most of your time and even it will help you in curbing your addiction by providing several ways.

It’s really a moderating and extremely a very helpful way of enjoying your new iPhone, without even going overboard.

4- Know How to Live Without a Home Button

The hardest parts regarding the switch from an iPhone with a home button. Without the buttons on iPhone XS and iPhone Max is that you will feel the gestures or different types of swipes to get around your phone easily. Without the button, by swiping the phone screen, you can do everything including close the apps easily switch to another app.

5- Master Portrait Mode, like a Pro

The iPhone XS and iPhone Max have a master portrait mode like a professional camera. You may even have some doubt that how you ever lived without it. However, the shooting mode will also allow you to create those gorgeous, blurry-background photos which are normally captured on DSLR cameras. To access the portrait mode on the iPhone XS and iPhone Max, you need to start the camera, then swipe across the screen till the “Portrait” is highlighted yellow and start capturing the picture in many other different colors in a portrait mode.

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