Process of Finding out the Time Spend on Facebook

Sometimes we keep on scrolling Facebook without realizing how much time have we spent on it. Don’t worry; Facebook is coming up with a new characteristic that would tell you about the amount of time you have invested in social networking. Presently it is available on the mobile app named as Your Time on Facebook.

You must be wondering that you haven’t seen the feature yet, you haven’t come across it because it is not readily available. Once you avail this feature, you will get to know about many things. If you want to see the Facebook usage, go to the mobile software and choose More tab (it will be a three lined icon)> Settings and Privacy>Your Time on Facebook.

How to know about the time spent?

You are likely to see a chart along with your daily usage graphs, through this you will get to know about the time you have spent using Facebook on that particular device last week. Presently it doesn’t show the time that users pass using the service across different gadgets. Click a bar to know about the total usage for that particular given day. It up to you, if you want to put a put time limit or not. You will find it on the page beneath “Set Daily Reminder”. Now that you have reached the given time, the FB application will tell you about it.

If you want to do this, then you have to use iOS 12’s feature of Screen Time or the Android’s feature of Digital Wellbeing. It is not a perfect system — the application of the phone’s usage. It is not accessible if you check it in multiple devices in a day. It will be difficult to follow how much have you been using. The company is hoping that it can be a unique idea to hang on to the users who otherwise would discontinue their accounts on the belief that they have been spending so much time scrolling via the feeds.

You are already aware of this fact of using a lot of time on social networking sites. It will be better to know about it and improve your habits accordingly. Sometimes the time spent is way more than what we expect from ourselves. Technology is great but wasting too much time over it is indeed not a good idea.

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