How to Make a Call with Wi-Fi on your iPhone?

It may be difficult to fathom, but this is a very true thing that sometimes you may have excellent Internet coverage but a terrible cell phone coverage. So, next time when you have been trying hard to get network but your Internet is at high speed. Then congratulations, you have made your way by merely enable wifi calling on your iPhone. Although, if you reside in a big town or city then you might not have any use for Wi-Fi calling. Mobile networks in such areas are quite good. But if you are in the countryside, then you will be glad to have this excellent feature.

Things required before jumping in

  • You must have an iPhone of 5C model or newer than that.
  • Your device must assist wifi calling. If your gadget is not a supporter of wifi calling, call Apple store and complaint them about it.

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling relies on a technology named SIP/IMS. This specific technology allows your device to make and take calls with a regular network of Wi-Fi. Unlike the phone calls made by you, that routes your voice packets through the nearest cell tower, voice packets are transferred via the Internet to a controller used by your cell company. People who reside in remote areas, Wi-Fi calling, is an ultimate savior. It is also a fantastic way to get crisper and more explicit calls along with chat sessions with your friends. 

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone?

  1. Launch the Settings App on your device.
  2. Click Phone.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi Calling.
  4. Toggle the Wi-Fi Calling on the iPhone slider to On.
  5. You may see a caution regarding location data.
  6. Just Hit Enable to turn the Wi-Fi On.

For specific transporters such as AT&T, it is possible that you get into Safari WebView and you are asked to agree to terms and conditions and give an Emergency Call address.  If Wi-Fi is available, you may see Wi-Fi after your carrier name in the status bar. Now you are all set to use Wi-fi Calling.

Adding a Device

Be sure that the device you want to add is having the latest version of the software. Now follow these simple steps-

  • Launch the Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Just turn on the Wi-Fi calling for other devices.

On different gadgets, Just sign in to iCloud and FaceTime with the help of same Apple ID and password you use on iPhone.

Turning on the Wi-Fi calling

  • On your iOS devices, Go to the Settings.
  • Go to FaceTime>Calls from iPhone and click Upgrade to Wi-FI Calling.
  • A six digit code will appear, enter it on the iPhone and click Allow.

If you are unable to add a device, have a look at these items:

  • Make sure that feature of Wi-Fi calling and Allow Calls on Other Devices are on.
  • Your device should appear under Allow Calls On.
  • Be attentive that you are using same Apple ID for FaceTime and iCloud on your iPhone and other devices.

Get Help

If you are unable to turn on Wi-Fi calling, be sure that your router offers Wi-Fi feature and your phone has the latest software. Now follow these steps if you can not turn the Wi-Fi calling on. Keep a gap of two minutes before jumping to the next level.

  1. Open Settings>Phone>Wi Fi calling.
  2. Be aware that your Wi-Fi calling is on.
  3. Now just restart your phone.
  4. Now Connect to a different Wi-Fi network.
  5. Not all the Wi-Fi networks are compatible with Wi-Fi Calling.
  6. Turn Wi-Fi Calling off and On it again.
  7. Got to Settings, Go to General, Reset and Click Reset Network settings.

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