How to Delete a WhatsApp Group to Clear Up Your Screen

A friend of mine is getting married next year, so he has made a WhatsApp group for all sort of coordination and the arrangements. So whenever I open my WhatsApp group, there are plenty of messages that made me groan a bit. Let’s see how to get rid of a little important but mostly unnecessary words without directly hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Yes, there is an alternative to leave a WhatsApp Group

Before you leave the group offending other people, there is another smarter option available, and that is to mute the notifications. You can mute both the text and the audio notifications. You can’t stand to have your phone pinging every minute. So now you can mute the noise and the pop-up windows and read the essential updates whenever you feel like.

How to look for the mute settings

  1. Start by tapping the title of the Group at the top.
  2. Look for the Mute option.
  3. Scroll down till you see the Mute option.
  4. Click on it.

You need to decide the length of the Mute

  • Unluckily they do not come up with a permanent option.
  • So just select from the three available options.
  • You can go for the year option because you can reset it every upcoming year.

Ensure if the Mute option was applied correctly or not

  • Go again to Mute.
  • You should see it has shifted from Mute to Muted now with a specific time.

If you want to retain your privacy, then follow these steps:

If you don’t want to see the messages showering at you everytime, then just leave the group.

  1. Go to the left on the group name on WhatsApp screen.
  2. You will see two options- More and Achieve.
  3. Click More.
  4. You will see the option Exit Group.
  5. Click that to leave the group.

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