Guide to Connect your Windows 10 PC to iPhone Hotspot

The iPhone/iPad built-in personal hotspot features allow you to easily share your iOS device’s internet connection with some other devices. When you are traveling somewhere and want internet on your Windows 10 PC, at that time, you might want to share your iPhone’s cellular data with your Windows 10 laptop so that your work might not be affected.

When talk about sharing the cellular data, so that you can either share the internet connection over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cables. In this article, we will provide you the way of connecting your Windows 10 PC to iPhone Hotspot. The instructions are discussed below.

Steps to Connect your Windows 10 PC to iPhone Hotspot

  1. Firstly, click to ‘Turn On’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth both on your iPhone, after opening the Settings options you can be able to do so.
  2. After that, ‘Turn On’ the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, to open the Personal hotspot follow the given steps:
  3. Go to the Settings tab.
  4. Then, click on the Personal Hotspot option to turn it on.

Note: Always remember that the Personal Hotspot option will not be available when your mobile data is turned off.

  1. Click to ‘Turn On’ Personal Hotspot option. Then check the default password for the hotspot.
  2. If your iPhone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned Off, then you will get the following notifications. Then you need to click on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option to turn them on and also Personal Hotspot.
  3. Now, on your Windows 10, once confirmed that the Wi-Fi is turned on. If in case it is Off, then follow the steps to turn them on.
  4. Launch settings.
  5. Then, click on Network & Internet option.
  6. After that, click on the Wi-Fi Here confirm that the Wi-Fi is turned ‘On.’
  7. Alternatively, click on the Wireless icon located in the system tray area of the start menu.
  8. Then, click your iPhone’s entry.
  9. Lastly, click on the Connect tab.
  10. When asked, then enter your Hotspot password on the Windows 10 screen.

Finally, now you should be able to browse the web on your Windows 10 PC by using your iPhone internet connection.

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