FIT (Fun, Impressive Tricks) to Become a Google Photos Master

Are you ready to explore your photo clicking hobby into your passion, then Google’s Photo Management tool is lucrative for you as it brings a number of flamboyant features. Here I will explain its features and simple tricks so that you can be next Google Photo Master.

  1. Ease of sharing the pictures by means of a link with your dear one.
  2. Google Photos’ intelligent search function is more prudential than that you can think of. Try “car”, “cat” or even “selfie” then you will be amazed to know the results.
  3. In spite of the name, Google Photos takes care of your videos too, as it can collect innumerable content with the high quality of 1080p. Browse the YouTube upload page, and there is a new button to take clips directly from Google Photos into your YouTube channel wherein you can tag, title, and share with others if you want.
  4. Google Photos can send photos that you click on your phone or handheld device, to the cloud network swiftly and it can be done for other application like Instagram or WhatsApp on Android. So, Google Photos has the facility to select kinds of stuff to include or exclude from the backup storage.
  5. Google Photos allows you to manage your photos compilation in a very systematic manner. For this, you can click and hold then swipe to choose multiple photos. It’s just like to drag by using a mouse and a keyboard across a collection of photos.
  6. You can also create your stories in a series of photos with the help of Google Photos. For this, you require to visit the mobile apps to make them. Hit the Create icon (a plus sign) then select Story- from there you can choose the pertinent photos, insert captions and locations, and modify the cover photo.
  7. The location-specific data collected with your photos assist Google to attach photos based on the geography of position. This feature is to cling geo-location data on preferable photos.
  8. You can select photos and videos attached in Google Drive through Photos interface for viewing them properly.

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