Amazon Echo: Which One is Suitable for You?

In recent years, Amazon Echo has emerged as a popular speaker in the market. The series of Amazon Echo speaker was evolved as a smart stand-alone speaker. But this is difficult to decide from the different models of Amazon Echo. In this article, we will describe the specifications of the different Amazon speakers that will help you purchase one that can suit you:

1. Amazon Echo Dot of 3rd generation

In case you are unfamiliar about the Alexa and Amazon Echo kind of things then it is a better option to pick out this speaker without spending much money. It has the louder and sharper speaker which is built-in. It has come up with the three different coloured design like Charcoal, Sandstone and Gray. It can execute almost all the commands of Alexa device that are available in a number of speakers.

2. Amazon Echo of 2nd generation

It is smaller than that of the original device and having squatter touch in it.  When you desire to have a better speaker than that of Dot, then this second-gen Echo device is the best option with cheaper price. You will get the decent sound quality within the range of its price.

3. Amazon Echo Plus with the second generation

It has similar functionality as that of the Amazon Echo Dot of the 3rd generation. It has its uniqueness as it has the facility for a smart home speaker. It can’t plug all the challenges in smart home speaker, but it can provide you with some additional functionality.

4. Amazon Echo Sub speaker

Different from other Echo speakers, this Echo subdevice is not considered an independent Alexa speaker. It has been designed and developed to synchronize with other Echo speakers. It can provide the additional features like strong bass on the sound by using the six-inch subwoofer. With the use of this, you can connect the Echo devices for improving the soundtrack.

5. Amazon Echo Dot of Kids edition for children

It was designed particularly for the children. Although it doesn’t be with the speaker of upgraded version and doesn’t have the similar design of usual Echo Dot device, it is an ideal speaker for young buds. The free time and unlimited services of Amazon offer kids the availability of a complete package of content that is user-friendly. Even the Parents of kids can avail the dashboard of Amazon Parent that allows them to get to know the movement of their kids in the technological interface. It can also remove the abusive contents and shutter the Echo Dot down during the time of sleeping.

6. Amazon Echo Auto speaker for cars In the case of Alexa equipped in a vehicle, you can employ the Echo Auto device. This device is just a segment of plastic which can be placed on the top of the car dashboard. It can pair with the speaker of the car. When it is set up, then you can speak with it and say with the commands in streaming the music tracks, making phone calls, monitoring the weather and many more. But it is to be noted here that this device is available with those people having the beta test.

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